What are the Developmental Benefits of Reading to Toddlers?

First, reading stories to toddlers helps them build their early literacy skills. During story time, toddlers get introduced and become familiar with more words and sounds. 

How reading stories help with toddler development

Early literacy skills gained from reading and storytelling act as a foundation for further learning. With this strong foundation, children can better understand other stories and concepts. This also equips them with an expanded vocabulary so they can better express themselves when they want something or when they’re just talking about their day. 

In addition, stories also help stimulate a child’s imagination. For example, while you read to children, they can’t help but imagine and feel a sense of wonder about the characters and setting. In their minds, they will come up with their own faces, colours, sounds and feelings while you tell the story to them. Also, they can learn about different worlds, cultures and practices. They will get immersed in different worlds and environments just through their imagination. 

With this enriched imaginative skill, children can better deal with unfamiliar situations and come up with creative solutions of their own. That’s because they’re now able to imagine what might happen next or what could be done in a given scenario. At an early age, somehow they will learn how to anticipate the consequences of a certain action. 

How toddlers can develop a love for reading and stories

Because of the several developmental benefits of reading to toddlers, it then becomes important to nurture the love for reading and listening to stories. One way to accomplish that is by making the activity relaxed and more fun. This way, children can associate storytelling with fun and excitement. This will better encourage them to listen to stories. 

Another way is to make reading to your child a routine (at least one book each day is enough). With a set schedule and routine, this will build anticipation and excitement (your child will always look forward to it). A routine also helps make sure that there’s a dedicated time and space for reading (you ensure that it gets done). 

Here at Teddy Bear Early Learning Centre, our educators read books two or three times a day. We understand the value of reading to help children further learn and develop their imagination. With this enough time for reading, children can gain an expanded vocabulary at a healthy pace and get to have more fun as well.