How Social Skills Affect a Child’s Future

Social and conversation skills are important because these allow children to learn language and better connect with other people. With good social skills, children can also have more fun at play and become more engaged in learning because of their increased confidence and comfort.

How social skills affect a child’s future

Gaining good social skills in early childhood is crucial because of our children’s rapid development. It’s like allowing them to have a great start in life. After all, the children’s early years are a period of setting expectations. With good expectations set, children can feel more comfortable in the classroom and play settings (which are social settings overall).

In their early years, children will learn that it’s good to make friends and cooperate. They will also feel comfortable expressing themselves, which is crucial for learning language skills and for their cognitive development. At their early age, they will also develop a deeper sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming (which is what the Early Years Learning Framework is about).

Key social skills for a child to have

Social skills are about building and maintaining a connection. Children can do this through simple greetings and farewells (saying ‘bye’, ‘hi, how are you?’), comments or reactions (‘it’s a cold morning’, ‘what a nice toy’), requests (‘can I have more water please’) and compliments (saying ‘thank you’ when they receive something).

Nonverbal communication is also important (including making gestures, facial expressions and eye contact). Through nonverbal communication, children can show and express their emotions. For us parents, it’s a good way for us to know if they’re interested or listening.

Social skills and building relationships

Social skills affect the children’s future by helping determine their comfort zones and build their key relationships. Both parents and educators play a huge role in helping children develop key social skills. This happens at home, in the early learning centre, in the playground or any place where social interaction and connection occurs. As a result, each experience or environment contributes to a child’s overall development, which is why parents are careful in designing their home environment and choosing an early learning centre.

Here at Teddy Bear Early Learning Centre, we ensure children get plenty of opportunities to develop and practice their social and conversation skills. This way, children get a great start in life and they will gain the necessary confidence to make friends and cooperate with other people.