How to increase your child’s capacity to learn at school

Did you know a child’s social-emotional skills are central to their capacity to learn? So if your child knows how to form positive relationships, solve problems, and adapt to change before starting formal schooling, they’re more likely to do better at school than if they hadn’t yet formed these skills.

Children need opportunities to interact with others in many contexts and for many purposes. It helps them become confident individuals, teaches them empathy, and prepares them for the real world.

Why kindergarten is important

A good kindergarten program focuses on enabling children to learn to be learners. The Kindergarten Program at Teddy Bear Early Learning uses play-based learning to build social skills in a fun environment.

Children who attend Teddy Bear are encouraged to interact with each other and share at every opportunity.

The Teddy Bear  Kindergarten Program adopts various session styles to encourage children to engage in different learning settings and experiences, including:
·         Extended child-directed sessions, where children self-select the activity that interests them
·         Small group sessions, that encourage children to learn from each other
·         Large group sessions, where children develop a sense of belonging and community.

By adopting these different environments, children make friends, play together, take turns and learn how to help each other. In doing so, they gain confidence as individuals whilst learning how to cooperate and establish social norms.

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